Instantly Convert your Airtime to cash within 2 minutes in Nigeria

Instantly Convert your excess airtime to cash in your bank account within 2min, convert airtime from one network to another instantly or start airtime swap business with over 200k profits monthly.

Hello, my name is Muhammed Iman, I am the founder of, Nigeria’s fastest growing Telecoms company. What that says is that have developed top grade telecoms services to millions of Nigerians generating billions of revenue over the years.

In this article I will be explaining to you how to swap your Airtime for cash or convert to another network in a very easy and safe procedure. If you are already familiar with airtime share, kindly click


to process your transaction on our automated application. If you are new to this, kindly follow this tutorial and follow the step very keenly as I would be explaining the processes and howto’s involved.

Airtime Swap is the transfer of Airtime from one sim to another or from your sim to your bank account using Subpadi. Airtime Swap enables you to swap Airtime from one network to another or even convert them to cash in your bank account. You can also redeem your over bought airtime back to cash in your bank.

Alot of people are into airtime swap business making consistent money everyday using Subpadi, Subpadi has been the leading Telecoms recharge service provider and has made a lot of progress helping people swap their airtime using Subpadi Integrated web application

Follow the steps below to convert your Airtime to cash with subpadi

  • First register your account with SubpadiSubpadi Home
  • Verify your email address. Subpadi Email VerificationAfter registration open your email address and look for activate your email address from you can usually see this inside your inbox or spam folder click the link inside the mailSubpadi Email Verification
  • Login and Scroll down to airtime swap and click on it
  • Input your bank details
  • Place your order
  • Check clickย  the radio button if you want to swap Airtime from one sim network to another.Subpadi airtime swap
  • Unclick the radio button if you want to swap the airtime for cash in your bank accountSubpadi airtime swap
  • Click on proceed
  • Follow the instruction to create pin… Ignore if you already have a transfer pin
  • Follow the instructions to transfer airtime to server sim and dial code on your phone
  • Make sure you have send the airtime and they have debit your account before you click on airtime sent otherwise your account will be deleted
  • Screenshot airtime sent message and debit message from your network something like thisย Subpadi airtime swap
  • Go back and Click on confirm airtime sent button
  • Done! You will receive your payment inside your bank account usually within a min

In case of delay or bank network issue, forward your complain to Subpadi Technical team for instant support.

Click the purple button to chat with support.

  • Upload the screenshot by clicking the button below arrow above
  • Relay your complaints or support for instant aid
  • Wait for auto bank deposit๐Ÿ˜›

Airtime Swap to other Network

  • When sending the airtime make sure you check radio button to convert airtime to walletSubpadi airtime swap
  • After the funds has been added to wallet, Scroll down to buy airtime button and process airtime purchase to another sim with amount in wallet

Airtime Swap to Bills payment

  • When sending the airtime make sure you check radio button to convert airtime to wallet
  • You can now use wallet amount to process any transaction in Subpadi including TV and Nepa Bills Payments and Airtime printing


Click the Link Below to SignUp and Swap Airtime within the next 2min ย ๐Ÿ‘‡








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