How to make 500k monthly with daily income stream.

Many people believe that if you don’t have 1million above, you can’t be self sufficient and have consistent daily source of income. In this article we would be looking otherwise and I will be exposing the secrets and the step by step sure ticket process that will guarantee you income within your first 7days in business with Zero capital.

Hi; My name is Muhammed Iman, am a technopreneur, startup expert and business consultant, am the founder of Riffutures LLC, and have grown and partnered both startups and microbusiness within and outside Nigeria. That means have spend many years growing money from absolutely Nothing!

When I started Telecoms business back in 2015, alot of people always ask, what are you ever going to do with this your ₦5 profits, the truth is ₦5 as a single cash is small but when it has volume, it has value. Many billionaire rely heavily on those penny to have sound sleep, if it doesn’t Count, they won’t hold it valuable.

Today, I will be sharing with you three hot key services you can turn to and that will give you atleast 500k minimum profit over 1year period, this are not magic business or overnight profit, this are services that we developed, tested and have consistently make profit from over the years. Infact we are so confident that we decided to make this services Capital free so that virtually anyone won’t have excuse of saying it didn’t work or I can’t start now. You can’t start now but a 15years old withdraw 150k three days ago 100% legit business she started three months ago.


  1. Telecoms Service and Money Secrets

Telecoms is the largest most consistent industry Nigeria has, it house the largest silent but wealth billionaires who mostly started from very little Capital. Because it is large, almost everyone patronize it daily and virtually everyone patronize the industry weekly, it is the largest milking industry you can tap money from as much as you can take. There’s no secret formulae to Telecoms don’t let anyone deceive you; there’s only three keys, and when you follow them you make profits.

Before I share the keys, note that starting a telecoms business with our zero capital Innitiatives is so Easy, infact without a capital you can raise Capital for  yourself within 1week Of getting into the business that’s hiw crazy it is.

1. Consistency

The biggest secret to Telecoms is consistency, Telecoms doesn’t like on and off, or being taken as a part time hustle, if you fall into any of this category, you won’t last long. This is because the industry itself is consistent and requires you to be there to get paid. You need to be readily available to service your customers needs.

2. Improve performance

Because Telecoms is a large business, alot of people wants to tap in, if you slack they will take your profit share, always be on the look out for new customers, treat it as a long term business and focus on getting new customers and managing your preexisting customers so you can savely grow and develop.

3. Market your business

Always market your business, tell everyone to refer everyone because virtually everyone is in need of what you are selling, like I mentioned Earlier, Telecoms is a game of numbers and in this case people makes the number, the more people you sell to, the more the profits. ₦5 x 1 =₦5, but ₦5 x 1,000,000 is  💵

That’s the spirit, alot cut in your expenses and save more for marketing. Have written an article that will teach you how to start Telecoms business without Capital, how to claim registration bonus, and how to make 50k within 1week and how to market. Click the link 👉Here


2. Social Media Marketing and Money Secret

Alot of people wants to become very popular online, they need followers, 1million likes and Views, 100k comments. They want to run online adverts, they want to become the next talk in town, what if I tell you that you can do all that without knowing about computer techniques or how to running online Adverts? YES, alot of influencers and account managers are just like you and they utilize for their day to day popularity.

How do you make money?

You make money by acting as a reseller of marketinghob; so anytime your clients need a service let’s say Instagram followers and it cost 4000₦ on marketinghob application, you can charge your client 6000₦, keep the 2000₦ as profit and place the followers request for your clients inside your dashboard account.


How to get started

Watch the video below in youtube, have explained how to setup your account to benefit from this offers.


3. Import and Export Business

Coming soon…


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